How important is a mobile app to your business?

Did you know that Australia has one of the largest penetrations of mobile usage in the world?

When you consider that our mobile phones have essentially become mobile computers it seems only natural that to be a competitive and viable business that you’d need a mobile friendly application.

Our Mobile Phones have become Mobile Computers

Our phones are used for the telling the time, messaging, social media, looking up the news, shopping, checking what our lunch options are and so much more, so getting a mobile app isn’t as much of an added benefit to a business these days as it is a must.

Having a mobile app, and having a good mobile app makes all the difference; the user experience is paramount. Bounce rates from a site increase with every passing second, and anything over 3 – 4 seconds experiences a high bounce rate; we’re in the age of instant access to information and if your mobile app isn’t up to scratch the user will simply move on to one that is.

Devpro take the mobile app journey with you. We discuss what you want to achieve from your mobile app and design a solution around your business. We look at your branding, your offering, and we ensure that your customers can easily navigate their way around. Designing and developing digital solutions that engage people is what we do; we can take your concept through to fruition.

A mobile app needs to be engaging, the user needs the experience to be enjoyable and easy. An intuitive app that easily guides you through makes the user experience much more friendly, thus much more engaging.

Not sure what you want from your mobile app?

That’s ok, Devpro can help. We work with our clients to ensure you have the most effective mobile app for your business; we draw on years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, so you know you’re in good hands.

Devpro partner with their clients to provide easy to navigate, technical solutions that are enjoyable to use, and we commit to delivering our solutions on-time and on-budget.

Why settle for less, if you’re in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay call the specialists at Devpro today?

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