Welcome to 2021!

From all the team at Devpro, Happy New Year!

Life as we knew has changed. Gone are the days of looking for phone numbers in the yellow pages (for most of us) and firing up the desktop to search for your local restaurant, plumber or electrician is almost unheard of.

In 2021 we have everything we need in the palm of our hands. Smartphones are used to communicate, to Tik Tok, to shop, review, research, and all manner of things. Whilst other devices are used, it is commonplace to pull out your phone on the bus, in a queue, or simply when relaxing on the couch to get easy access to information.

Is it apt to have an app in 2021?

So, if your business does not have an easy-to-use mobile app, how much business are you missing out on?

It is no secret that apps increase customer engagement and can help generate new business, but there are some simple rules you need to follow in order to get maximum bang for your buck.

A slow to load app has a significantly high bounce rate which not only loses customers it can be a red flag with Google algorithms.

Having an app is not enough, you need an engaging app that loads well, and is easy to use and navigate; Devpro in Byron Bay has the skills, expertise, and knowledge to provide your business with a solution that will drive business and yield sales.

Want to know how to boost sales?

2020 saw the world change, people were in lockdown and unable to visit the shops, and online sales boomed, grab a part of it with an app from Devpro.

Online is the not the future, it is the now! Do not wait, call your local Byron Bay App development specialists today.

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