Be Visible!

If you are retailer and you are not on-line, you could be missing out on sales. Bricks and mortar stores generally stay open during business operating hours, but what happens when people are home, kicking back, relaxing; they shop, so if your store is not on-line you are missing out on potential sales.

With the festive season upon us, people are ready to spend money, so ensuring you have an online presence has never been more essential.

Devpro in Byron Bay are your leading software development team, lets have a chat to discuss your software needs.

Target Your Customers 24/7

Whilst bricks and mortar stores still get a lot of foot traffic, online shopping stores are being visited all hours of the day and night. Accessing shopping apps from the convenience of your phone means people are shopping on the bus, in line at the supermarket, in bed, and anywhere they have reception.

Delivering a remarkable mobile experience means you can boost sales from the palm of your customer’s hands.

As your customers are getting busy Christmas shopping, you need to have a mobile application that is user friendly.

What makes a User-Friendly Mobile Application?

An easy to navigate website is key; over complicated websites not only confuse customers they lose customers.

Ensure your web application is fast; it is proven that bounce rates increase for every second delay there is loading a page.

Keep it simple; make sure payment is as simple as possible and offer peace of mind with Paypal and other third party payment companies.

What Do I Do Next?

DevPro is your leading software and mobile app development team, we will partner with you to deliver the most seamless experience to your customers.

DevPro takes the time to get to know your business and provides the best solution for you and your end users.

Your Local Software Development Team

Don’t miss out on sales, be available 24/7 online with a web application. With the nation starting their Christmas shopping, don’t limit yourself to a bricks and mortar store, get online and be visible 24/7.

DevPro in Brisbane is focused on constantly delivering innovative, simple, and cost-effective software solutions; increase your visibility, profitability, and client base with our help.

Call 1300 911 601 and get a customised web application that fits your business like a glove.

We are here to help grow your business, and we have a range of services, why not have a chat and see how we can best assist you.


Transform your business

Technology should help your business grow, not hinder it. If your Lismore business needs a digital enhancement that can transform your operation, call Devpro for a realistic, scalable, and functional solution.

Custom Software Development in Lismore

Don’t choose a software solution that you need to change your business to adapt to, choose a company that will tailor a software solution to your Lismore business.

With a team of digital specialists, we can find a software development solution that works with your business that grows and adapts with your business.

Custom Application Development in Lismore

Software Consultants in Lismore

Off the shelf software can only take your business so far, when you want a software system that grows with your business, adapts to your business, and is an integral part of your business, then talk to Devpro. A customised software solution doesn’t need to cost the earth, our consultants can find affordable and customisable applications to suit your business.

Your Lismore Business Software Consultants

Our team of software consultants are seasoned professionals that pull their years of experience together to find unique and out of the box solutions to suit your Lismore business.

Web Applications for Your Lismore Business

When it comes to creating a web app for your business, we look ensure that the app has everything you need, with the user in mind. We tailor our apps to ensure they are intuitive, user friendly, and quick.

Mobile Applications for your Lismore Business

Most people use their mobile phones for their internet searches, so it makes sense that your business has a mobile friendly business app. Devpro can provide your Lismore business with a high-quality mobile app that provides the user a seamless experience.

Systems Integrations in Lismore

A business can have many moving parts and one system might not be suitable; an integrated software solution from Devpro can help your business work seamlessly, and more effectively.

SharePoint for your Lismore Business

Having a Sharepoint means that no matter where you or your employees are, you all have live access to the same information, working together apart has never been easier.

A SharePoint is a great way to pool resources and save time and money. Talk to the team at Devpro and get an integrated information management system that will streamline your information sharing.

Document Management Specialists that are here for your Lismore Business

Being organised with your documentation has never been easier, Devpro can help make your documentation management efficient and easy to search.

It’s All About Your Lismore Business

Devpro can enhance your Lismore business; we can develop, and project manage a system that is perfectly tailored to your business needs.

Call 1300 911 601 and speak to the professionals at Devpro; we listen to you and learn about your business so we can provide the best solution.

Software Development

Businesses have Evolved, now it’s time for Technology to Catch Up

The world has changed, and many businesses have changed to accommodate the new normal. Covid has meant many business owners have had to be innovative and adaptable and this has led to many businesses changing their operating practices.

Many businesses have adapted and evolved to service their customers even during lockdowns, and this has led to a change in the use of their technology. Using your current software 2 years ago you might not have had any issues, but if your business model has changed, surely your IT requirements have to?

Many people overlook the importance of getting the foundations right, software development is an evolving beast, our software development allows for tweaks and updates so it will grow with your business, but who could foresee business models changing overnight? Your software that once fit your company like a glove might be starting to feel a little dated and out of touch.

Software development for the team at Devpro in Byron Bay and Ballina is not always about scrapping your current software but developing it to make your business operations as seamless as possible.

Developments in Software are needed with new World Developments

Software that doesn’t work with your business model could be working against you, costing you time and money. You could just need a few adjustments to your current software, or you might find your needs have changed completely.

At Devpro our team of professional and friendly consultants will sit down with you, or talk on the phone, or zoom, and discuss your business and formulate a strategy to ensure you are getting what you need from your software.

Software development is meant to improve the way you do business, and if your business changes and evolves, so should your software. If you want a solution that is outside the box, unique, and works with your business and budget, then we are here to assist you.

Our services are an investment in your business, and software development should simplify operations, reduce manual handling, and provide a platform that can handle the workload required.

The solution of customising software can often sound like a very costly solution, but the team at Devpro in Byron Bay and Ballina can provide a cost effective, tailored solution to your needs.

One simple call to Devpro and we can give you a good understanding of what software development might be required to get your business operating efficiency on track.

Who are Devpro?

Devpro is a well-established and well-respected leading software development company that services the North Coast of New South Wales and Southeast Queensland. Based in Byron Bay, close to Ballina, the team at Devpro gel well together, ‘we are a cohesive team that bounce new and innovative ideas off one another, so we can come up with unique and fresh solutions to companies in the current changing business environment.

Devpro can walk you through the whole process; through consultation with our customers, we ensure the end result will be worth the effort many times over

Call Devpro today!

As the world has changed, it might be time to review your software needs. Call the team at Devpro on 1300 911 601 in Byron Bay, close to Ballina for a business consultation.

Our workplaces have changed, now it’s time for our technology to catch up.

Software Development

How Your Business Can Benefit from a Customised Software Solution

Devpro in Byron Bay has helped businesses grow, expand, and work more efficiently with customised software development solutions.

Why tailor your work processes to your software when we can tailor it perfectly for you and your organisation.

For a full end-to-end software development solution, call the expert team at Devpro in Byron Bay.

What is customised software?

Customised software is designed by Devpro to better enhance your business. We look at how your business operates, and we ensure the functionality of your software enhances your processes and works with your business. Off the shelf software packages are not designed to meet your specific needs; their generic approach can be useful, but as your business grows and evolves, tailoring a customised software solution can save you time and money.

What are the advantages of software development?

Enhances your business processes.

Every business is different and off-the shelf products cannot possibly cater to the needs of all businesses. Align your business practices and processes with your software and see how seamless your organisation’s operation can be with a customised software solution.

Tailored and reliable growth

It is easy to outgrow off the shelf software, with a customised software solution from Devpro in Byron Bay your software grows with your business. Devpro provides a reliable solution that takes your business practices into account, but also future growth demands.

Your Software, your Way!

Working from home is made easy with a customised software solution, we can also tailor and app to give you ease of access wherever you might be.

Seamless Processes.

Business processes rarely work in isolation, and the flow of information from one department to another can often be tricky. Provide your employees with seamless work processes and highlight efficiency in your business. Do not put up with clunky and manual processes, get a customised software package.

Safety First

When designing your software Devpro can consult on the best security practices for customer information; we ensure that all security protocols are chosen specifically for your business demands.


You might be surprised at how cost-effective a customised software solution from Devpro is. Not only is a customised solution affordable, but it will also end up saving you money in time and general IT requirements.

Yes, you might need increased capabilities as your business grows, but we can design your software so we can enhance it when you reach the next phase of your business growth, so we can do as little or as much as you need and as your budget might dictate.

Your Byron Bay Customised Software Experts.

A customised software solution from Devpro in Byron Bay is a great way to enhance your business.

A simple call to us on 1300 911 601 and we can start to understand your business and what you truly need from a software package. We are seasoned experts, and our team love rolling up their sleeves to work out the best solution for you and your business; we look at your system challenges, and how we can help better meet your businesses’ needs.

If you want a friendly and knowledgeable team that thrive on building unique and specialist software packages for businesses, then you have come to the right place. Devpro in Byron Bay are your software development team.

Software Development

‘You’ are at the Centre of the Software Discovery Process.

Every piece of software starts with an idea, but for it to get legs and be successful you need to build the right team around you to ensure it is executed properly.

The foundations to developing software is getting the right team, and Devpro in Byron Bay are a team that work tirelessly to ensure you get the software you want and need.

At Devpro we believe communication is key and ensuring all stakeholders are on the same page. All stakeholders need to understand the budget, the timeframe, the expectations of the software, and the limitations that might prevent the idea moving forward or might take it in another direction; all this should be found in the software discovery process.

We are Here from Start to Finish

At Devpro in Byron Bay we have a dedicated team that will support you from fruition to delivery, we believe in working closely with our clients so we can highlight areas that might require more discussion. 

At Devpro, we employ a 360-degree approach to the Software discovery process, we want to get your ideas, but we also need the technical gurus to weigh in on how feasible the idea is, and we take the idea to the end-user; after all, why develop software that no one wants and/or needs? Getting a clear idea of how the market feels about the software that is being developed is vital to its success.

Devpro Takes the Time to Understand their Client’s Needs.

Devpro wants you, our client, to be the focus of our software discovery process. We need to build the software that you want, it needs to function in a real way, and in the way you need it too, so we ultimately need you in every part of the process.

We encourage all our clients to test-drive their ideas in the marketplace to gauge their reaction; then we can assess, redesign, and redirect if needed.

We Cover All Our Bases.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” ― Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father of the United States

Preparation is vital in success, and the discovery process is the client’s chance to give all the details about their idea, this is where other parts of the team discuss their viability, if something can’t be achieved, or needs to be reworked, this is the time to discuss it. An idea without planning will not succeed, and at Devpro we have experience in driving ideas forward.

Bring Your Ideas to Life!

The software discovery process is where we bring your ideas to life, so stop thinking it and start doing it. We want you, our client, to be in the driving seat; Devpro in Byron Bay are your vehicle to drive you to success. Let us guide you forward. Call 1300 911 601 and start your software development journey with a team that prides themselves on excellence through their meticulous dedication to making your idea work.


Sharing Information has Never been Easier!

Covid-19 hit and the world as we know it changed. Many people that were used to the daily commute to the office and the 9-5 routine were now working from home, and the sharing of information became more vital than ever.

Many companies were not prepared technologically for having a remote workforce, but as we have with everything Covid-19 related, slowly people adapt to the new normal.

The free flow of information within businesses increases productivity; Devpro understand that your business is unique, so we take the time to get to know your business, so we can provide a tailored solution for you.

Devpro have been instrumental in providing many businesses with a centralised system for staff to share information through SharePoint.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft tool that manages your documents and enables staff to collaborate on work remotely, together. SharePoint is a great way to give your organisation a centralised data-sharing system.

Why is SharePoint integral to a Business?

SharePoint can provide your employees with a centralised database and system, providing they have access to a web-browser.

SharePoint gives your organisation easy access to data, cutting down on paper documents, and streamlining the free flow of data.

Sharing documents has never been easier and more transparent; no more emailing large files back and forth, SharePoint gives you the perfect platform to share data and communicate feedback. 

SharePoint’s alerts can help you organise your day and remind you to meet those important deadlines.

SharePoint allows you to restrict access of sensitive documents, so you can control the flow of data throughout your organisation.

With the right guidance and set-up from Devpro we can customise your organisation’s SharePoint to perform to your companies’ needs. We tailor your centralised system to suit you, so your SharePoint becomes a valuable tool not a clunky CRM.

Contact your SharePoint Specialists today

Devpro are the specialists in SharePoint; we can develop the most efficient system for your company and provide full and thorough training so you and your staff can maximise its capabilities and improve your company’s efficiency. Devpro in Byron Bay are your first call for all your SharePoint queries throughout Australia. Help your company come together, even when they are apart by calling Devpro today.


Welcome to 2021!

From all the team at Devpro, Happy New Year!

Life as we knew has changed. Gone are the days of looking for phone numbers in the yellow pages (for most of us) and firing up the desktop to search for your local restaurant, plumber or electrician is almost unheard of.

In 2021 we have everything we need in the palm of our hands. Smartphones are used to communicate, to Tik Tok, to shop, review, research, and all manner of things. Whilst other devices are used, it is commonplace to pull out your phone on the bus, in a queue, or simply when relaxing on the couch to get easy access to information.

Is it apt to have an app in 2021?

So, if your business does not have an easy-to-use mobile app, how much business are you missing out on?

It is no secret that apps increase customer engagement and can help generate new business, but there are some simple rules you need to follow in order to get maximum bang for your buck.

A slow to load app has a significantly high bounce rate which not only loses customers it can be a red flag with Google algorithms.

Having an app is not enough, you need an engaging app that loads well, and is easy to use and navigate; Devpro in Byron Bay has the skills, expertise, and knowledge to provide your business with a solution that will drive business and yield sales.

Want to know how to boost sales?

2020 saw the world change, people were in lockdown and unable to visit the shops, and online sales boomed, grab a part of it with an app from Devpro.

Online is the not the future, it is the now! Do not wait, call your local Byron Bay App development specialists today.


How important is a mobile app to your business?

Did you know that Australia has one of the largest penetrations of mobile usage in the world?

When you consider that our mobile phones have essentially become mobile computers it seems only natural that to be a competitive and viable business that you’d need a mobile friendly application.

Our Mobile Phones have become Mobile Computers

Our phones are used for the telling the time, messaging, social media, looking up the news, shopping, checking what our lunch options are and so much more, so getting a mobile app isn’t as much of an added benefit to a business these days as it is a must.

Having a mobile app, and having a good mobile app makes all the difference; the user experience is paramount. Bounce rates from a site increase with every passing second, and anything over 3 – 4 seconds experiences a high bounce rate; we’re in the age of instant access to information and if your mobile app isn’t up to scratch the user will simply move on to one that is.

Devpro take the mobile app journey with you. We discuss what you want to achieve from your mobile app and design a solution around your business. We look at your branding, your offering, and we ensure that your customers can easily navigate their way around. Designing and developing digital solutions that engage people is what we do; we can take your concept through to fruition.

A mobile app needs to be engaging, the user needs the experience to be enjoyable and easy. An intuitive app that easily guides you through makes the user experience much more friendly, thus much more engaging.

Not sure what you want from your mobile app?

That’s ok, Devpro can help. We work with our clients to ensure you have the most effective mobile app for your business; we draw on years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, so you know you’re in good hands.

Devpro partner with their clients to provide easy to navigate, technical solutions that are enjoyable to use, and we commit to delivering our solutions on-time and on-budget.

Why settle for less, if you’re in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay call the specialists at Devpro today?


Office 365 Co-Authoring Tips

Microsoft Office365 Co-authoring

Co-authoring is an Microsoft feature enabled when editing documents which are stored in OneDrive or Microsoft SharePoint Online. Co-authoring enables multiple people to work on a document at the same time by locking down individual paragraphs to the user who is editing them and updating the document in real time via the autosave feature.  Unfortunately, things don’t always go as planned and we have a few tips to improve your experience co-authoring documents in Office 365.

Ensure Autosave is switched ON

Autosave is the feature which provides the real time updates while co-authoring documents in OneDrive or SharePoint online. As such Autosave should be switched on while attempting to edit a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document simultaneously with another person. If you are using an Office 365 subscription you can find the AutoSave feature in the upper-left corner of your Office application.

Enabling AutoSave ensures co-authoring is enabled

Use the same version

Older versions of Microsoft Office don’t support co-authoring and if you attempt to use an older version the other editors will be locked out of the document.

Technically co-authoring has been supported since Office 2010 but to ensure trouble free use we recommend that everyone update to the latest MS Office application versions.

Use the latest document formats

Older or certain document file types do not support co-authoring so ensure the document is saved in the correct format:

Excel : xlsx, .xlsm or .xlsb

Word: .docx, .doc or .docm

PowerPoint .pptx, .ppt or .pps

There may be slightly different editing experiences across the document formats listed above however all these document types should be able to be edited simultaneously by multiple people.

Not all features support co-authoring

Co-authoring may stop working if incompatible features are enabled in the document you are editing.  You should disable these features to resume co-authoring capability.

Change tracking is a feature which is not supported by co-authoring and so makes sure its not enabled for co-authoring sessions.

Certain objects contained within the document are also not supported like an ole object, SmartArt graphic, chart or link object. Sometimes these unsupported objects can be hidden inside the document, to find them go to Home > Select > Selection Panel.

Selection Pane in the MS Office ribbon

Is the document open in another application?

Other applications which do not support co-authoring may lock the document if opened. In some cases, this can just be file explorer, 3rd party document editors or viewers or document services on your computer. The best practice is to communicate with your team when you are starting a co-authoring session and ensure nobody else is using it in other applications.

Saving issues and conflicts

On the occasion you may get a message ‘Refresh recommended’ or ‘Upload failed’. This happens for several reasons but its dilligent to know how to resolve it without losing any work:

If you do not have any unsaved changes, click ‘Refresh’.

If you have unsaved changes that you do not need to keep,  click ‘Discard changes’.

For stuff that you need to keep, choose ‘Save a Copy’ and save the file to a different location (e.g. your computer). Then reopen the cloud version of the file and merge your changes from the locally saved file into the original file.

Enable ‘Store random numbers’

MS Word needs the store random numbers feature to be enabled for co-authoring. Word uses random numbers saved within documents to track related versions.

To check confirm if store random numbers is enabled, click the File tab > Options > Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Privacy Options. Ensure the ‘Store random numbers to improve Combine accuracy’ checkbox is enabled.

Select ‘Store random numbers to improve Combine accuracy’ to ensure co-authoring will operate correctly.

We hope these tips will improve your co-authoring experience.


SharePoint Calculated Column WEEKDAY function

I was recently asked to setup a KPI indicator which calculates 3 days from a specified date excluding weekends. This is easily achieved using a calculated column in SharePoint, using the WEEKDAY function.
The WEEKDAY function receives a date and returns a number based on the day of the week the provided date falls on.
The syntax is WEEKDAY([DATE],x) where x specified the return type (1,2 or 3).

If no return type is specified it defaults to the first return type (1):
1: 1 Sunday
2 Monday
3 Tuesday
4 Wednesday
5 Thursday
6 Friday
7 Saturday

2: 1 Monday
2 Tuesday
3 Wednesday
4 Thursday
5 Friday
6 Saturday
7 Sunday

3: 0 Monday
1 Tuesday
2 Wednesday
3 Thursday
4 Friday
5 Saturday
6 Sunday

Logically I knew that if the date fell on Monday or Tuesday then we could add 3 days without needing to adjust for the weekends. Then if it fell on any other day than Sunday, we would need to add 2 days to the standard 3 days and in the case of a Sunday we would just need to add 1 additional day to the KPI calculations.

Since my logic is working forward from Monday, it seems appropriate to use either return type 2 or 3 and I will use return type 2 for this example.

We will also use an IF statement to control the logic with the following Syntax.

IF(TRUE, Then, else)

According to the WEEKDAY function, my logic would be:
If WEEKDAY returns less than or equal to 2 (Monday or Tuesday), then add 3 days to the specified date (No weekend to account for).

IF(WEEKDAY([Date],2)<=2,[Date] + 3,

Else if WEEKDAY returns less than equal 6 (Wednesday to Saturday), then add 5 days (3 days KPI plus 2 weekend days) to the specified date

IF(WEEKDAY([Date],2)<=6,[Date] + 5,

Else add 4 day to the specified date (3 Days KPI plus 1 weekend day being last remaining day Sunday)

[Date] + 4

Then we close our nested statements


The completed formula as entered SharePoint below:


If you run into a similar challenge, I hope this might assist you to make sense of the WEEKDAY function and how you may put it to practical use.